Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Start

After years of commenting on other people's blogs, it feels like the right time to start my own.

My political comments may be of interest because of my own journey from moderately conservative Republican to liberal Democrat. That metamorphosis was sparked by two things: a major career change in 2001 when I left the highly-compensated but unrewarding life of a corporate general counsel to start a solo practice in immigration law, and my growing disbelief and anger at the utter lawlessness of the Bush Presidency.

I also hope my occasional comments on immigration practice and policy, drawn from in-the-trenches experiences as an advocate, will help others see the urgent need for major changes in our irrational and dysfunctional system of immigration laws.


  1. Redhand,

    Immigration policy is one are where I think we actually have some major points of agreement.

  2. Do post lots on immigration. I expect Congress will have plenty of new proposals in the next few years.